Guy is a Professional Triathlete from Auckland New-Zealand. Guy splits his time between Boise ID USA and Perth WA Australia. He lives the endless summer racing triathlons around the globe with his wife to be Kate Bevilaqua. They also run GKEndurance a coaching company for athletes of all abilities.

Guy specializes Half/ Ironman 70.3 distances


Guy was Born In Auckland New Zealand but soon moved to Rotorua, located in the middle of the North Island. ( A huge tourist town , known for it's hot mud pools and thermal activity ) Here he started his love for bikes, riding in BMX races and representing Rotorua as a junior. As well as BMX races Guy played in a variety of sports such as Soccer, Rugby and harriers.

Soon after Guy turned 11 they moved back to Auckland ( the big smoke) where he turned in the bike for running shoes and started running for Auckland city.
Here he produced some good results for a number of years as a Junior and started his love for endurance sports. However it wasn't until late in his High school years when he discovered Triathlon. In 1997 Guy took part in his first triathlon and that was it , he was hooked.

From then on, it has all about triathlon.

As a relatively late comer to swimming, ( aged 17 ) he started to swim at the local pool, then moved to a triathlon squad and then onto a swim team, he swum under Paul Kingsman who wanted to develop Guy into a pure swimmer. But it was never an option as staring at a black line every day twice a day didn't hold any appeal. Although Guy continued to primarily swim for the first few years ( which will later prove to be a vital and important move ) Guy still raced local Tri's in the Auckland area. Being offered spots on worlds teams and the NZ Televised series sponsored by Air New Zealand .

It wasn't until after University that Guy traveled overseas and had a taste of the competition it had to offer. In 2005 he competed in age group world champs. From here all he wanted was to be a part of the Triathlon culture and soon landed a job with blueseventy ( formerly Ironman Wetsuits ), taking on sponsorship and event responsibilities, dealing with athletes and event organizers worldwide. A fantastic job that landed him in the middle of the triathlon world.

In 2008 Guy started to race half ironman's / 70.3's and realized while he'd lost some of his top end speed , his ability to swim at the front was still there. This sparked a fire and by the end of 2009 Guy had handed in full time work for being a full time professional Triathlete .

" It was the love for long course racing that really turned me back to racing full time, it's honest and in most cases the best man or woman wins.

So now Guy splits his time between Perth Australia and the USA


Name: Guy Robert Crawford

D.O.B: 3-September-1979

Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand

Star sign : Virgo

Zodiac year : year of the Sheep.... ( seriously.. I'm from NZ and it had to be a Sheep? raw deal !! )

Resides: Perth , WA, Australia

Boise, Idaho, USA

Nickname: Beaker, Captain Awesome

Marital Status: Girlfriend – Kate Bevilaqua (

Years in triathlon: Started in 1997 , Going on 14 years

Siblings? Brothers = Blair and Nick

Most rewarding aspect of your sport: The people, the relationships and having a good day at the office after all the sacrifice .

Biggest achievement ?: Committing to a goal and not giving up despite adversity. Winning Rotorua Half Ironman 2009, 5 x top 10 in 70.3/Ironman events around the world

What are you career goals: Win a 70.3, and IM title. Then continue with new goals, but they are secret

How did you get into triathlon and what did you do prior to becoming a professional triathlete? In 1997 I was watching one of the local races and just fell in love with it . Watching the New Zealand IM in Auckland also inspired me to take part and from there it's all history. Before this I was actually a bicycle courier in Auckland city. A very cool job and an easy way to get the miles in your legs while gettting paid. As previously mentioned I was the sponsorship manager for blueseventy for 5 years.

Career goals after triathlon: Stay in the industry I love, travel and be happy

Hobbies / Interest: Body Surfing, Music and a lot of it, Doing random stuff, Cliff diving, Reading maps, discovering stuff ( turning left, when I should turn right)… Geeking out on the internet.

Favorite race(s) Rotorua Half Ironman, Lake Stevens 70.3

Favorite training Location(s)

Gold Coast & Perth, Australia

Napier, New Zealand

Bend, Oregan USA

Favorite Music: ( at the moment .. it changes ) The National, Editors, Interpol, Lorka, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Queens of the stone age, Lady Hawk, Florence and the Machine, plus about a billion others.. my long rides are Music orientation time.

Favorite Movie(s), Into the blue, Ronin, Taken, Zombieland, Hotrod, Constantine, Starwars .. there are so many. I watch a lot of movies in my down time. Although ulike most people I never sleep while watching them. So I have to try and avoid it late night.. Or I never sleep.